Winter Morning Routine

My morning routine is so precious to me. It’s what makes the biggest impact, hands-down, on my overall happiness – but also how creative and productive I feel throughout the day. I shared my routine with you here last year, but I’ve recently made some updates that I’ve been loving. I was struggling to get grounded and calm during my meditation, and I was also finding myself on my phone before I needed to be… but no longer! Check out the video to learn more about these tweaks and find some inspiration for your own morning routines this winter.


P.S. I also changed up my coffee ritual this season, thanks to my fancy new coffee machine by Renato’s. And we’ve partnered with them to give one away to a lucky viewer! Head over to our YouTube channel to enter. You’ll need to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already, like the video, and leave a comment sharing your ideal morning routine for 2019. Please note, shipping beings in July. See official rules here.


cozy robe

First update was getting a new robe to keep me warm! I’m obsessed with this one by Barefoot Dreams. It feels like the coziest, most plush blanket ever and just knowing it’s there waiting for me definitely helps get me out of bed. 

face mist

I like to splash cold water on my face to wake myself up, and then I’ve been enjoying a little face mist ritual. I like this rose-scented mist from Herbivore Botanicals. The smell is lovely and it turns my morning routine into a spa-worthy experience.


I drink a ton of water and that starts first thing when I wake up. It’s so much easier to know you’re getting enough water in your day when you do this right away. Your body needs to be hydrated after sleeping all night, so this simple habit is very much an act of self-love – you’re paying attention to your body’s needs and nourishing it right away. I also just started taking probiotics so I’m doing that now, too.


You might think you don’t have time to meditate, but trust me, this is SO worth getting out of bed for. This is truly my #1 tip for having the most productive, positive day possible. Here’s the big change I implemented that has been game-changing for me: I now meditate BEFORE my morning coffee and I do NOT go on my phone until I meditate. No matter what. I thought I’d be too tired without my caffeine, but that hasn’t been the case. Between walking downstairs and changing the environment, and the cold water and mist on my face, I’m awake enough to meditate. It’s actually been easier for me to feel grounded and truly drop into my meditation without the caffeine explosion.


I’m still doing my warm lemon water in the mornings so I’ll have that before I make my coffee. You guys know I LOVE my morning coffee ritual! I particularly love having espresso in the mornings and I recently got this new coffee maker, which I’ve been loving. It’s great for winter when I sleep a bit later because it’s faster but it still makes a delicious cup of coffee, so I still get to enjoy my ritual.

It’s made by this new brand named Renato’s, that just launched on Kickstarter. Check them out here! I love that the machine produces quality espresso, like you’d get from a big, expensive machine, but with the convenience of pods. The Italian coffee is super high-quality, and I love that it makes espresso, regular coffee, and tea all in one machine. It’s definitely an upgrade from all of the other pod-style coffee machines I’ve tried.


I love having oatmeal in the winter as it’s super grounding and comforting. I like steel-cut oats and when possible try to avoid instant – the longer-cooking oats are better for you as they enter your bloodstream in a slower, steadier way. I like to sweeten my oats naturally with pure maple syrup, and a touch of pink Himalayan sea salt for flavor. For toppings I often like to add seasonal produce like pomegranate seeds and pears – plus a few dark chocolate chips for an added treat. Sometimes I’ll pour some oat milk over top to make them nice and creamy.


At this point, I am still not on my phone yet! I’m built up a great energy state for myself and I want to maintain it – there’s no reason to disconnect from myself and get on my phone… I’ll have the rest of day for that!  I also like to spend just a few minutes on some quick visualization and affirmation work. I’ll visualize the day I want to have, the person I want to be, and also my larger goals for the next few months or even year. Then I’ll spend another couple of minutes just writing out some affirmations for the day. (Learn more about the power of affirmations here.) This has made a huge shift in my life and if you want to learn exactly how I do it and try it with me, you’re going to love the program I’m working on! Join our community group here to learn more.



Winter Morning Routine

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