The Magic Meaning of Gemstones | What Your Jewelry Means

People often consider the meaning of crystals but I feel like the gems in our everyday jewelry get overlooked. Like crystals, they contain the very same magic and meaning.

When my friend Vanessa Lianne and I decided to collaborate on a ring to represent the Inner Muse (!), I knew I wanted to also create a video together where we could share the meanings and symbolism behind all of our favorite gemstones.

The intention behind this video is for you to create your own talisman to remind yourself of the energy you are seeking to connect with on a daily basis. You can choose a mantra or affirmation for the year and then wear a stone that represents this energy.

Below is a summary of the most popular gemstones that we cover in this video along with their meanings.

My suggestion is to do a deep-dive into the gems that call you. There is so much rich history behind each one. While it may seem like many of the gems share the same symbolism, like creativity for example, there are going to be (sometimes subtle) differences when you go deeper. Trust that you will find and connect with the right stone for you.

Stay tuned next week as we share how to make an amazing take on friendship bracelets using real gems!

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The Magic Meaning of Gemstones | What Your Jewelry Means

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