introducing sunday funday, and a tea party!

sunday funday: an afternoon tea party

Here it is! My new project is unveiled. I am so, so, so excited about this concept. It’s everything I adore about entertaining, cooking, life! … all rolled up into one.

sunday funday at home is a new video series where I’ll be offering easy, relaxed, inspired entertaining ideas … best served on a Sunday!

Sunday’s been my favorite day of the week to entertain for years. It’s the best day to just to kick it – hang out with the people you love, relax. Eat good food. Have a cocktail or two. Have some fun!

Not to mention it’s super-manageable. If you’re a 9-to-5-er, you’ve got plenty of time to shop and prep over the weekend. And all of your guests are happy because they still get to do their thing on Friday and Saturday. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Real-talk, it’s just me, my camera, and my friends in my humble NYC apartment. I lack the space I used to have to do all sorts of crazy prep, and I may not have a kitchen table … but really, it’s perfect. It’s forced me to simplify and refocus my entertaining style into something more relaxed and doable. Which is how it should be! I’m keeping things easy-breezy here because that’s what sunday funday at home is all about.

Expect a new video every other Sunday, starting today. I would love, love, love it if you could take a minute to show your support and subscribe to my new YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it, and I welcome any feedback or special requests!

Today’s episode features an afternoon tea party – probably my new favorite way to catch up with the girls. And rest assured, this is not your grandmother’s tea party. Vodka-spiked lemonade ensures it!

// menu + recipes //

// entertaining tips + special touches //

  • Fresh flowers, always. And necessary for the springtime vibe!
  • Once your scones are on the sheet pan, cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate until later. This way, your friends can have ’em hot and fresh from the oven.
  • Shortcuts: Store-bought lemonade for spiking, jams for scones
  • Let your friends bring the vodka!
  • Sugar cubes, just because they’re adorable.
  • Hit the market on Saturday so you can sleep in on Sunday. 3pm start time for the party means you can relax and enjoy your morning!



introducing sunday funday, and a tea party!

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