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I recently spoke at the Samsung Experience Center last week on my entrepreneurial journey. I was asked to be part of their Fall Discovery Series, an initiative supporting @lollipoptheater that brings entrepreneurs and creators in to speak to the next generation. And those who know my story know that my path has been untraditional, to say the least! Click here for Samsung’s blog post, and a couple of key points below:

〰 Be fearless. Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? We often have a habit of allowing fear to takeover, getting in the way of what we want without even realizing it. But when you unpack it, the worst case scenario isn’t usually that bad at all.

〰 Self-love is everything. Entrepreneurs don’t talk about this as often, but most of us had to do some serious work to get past our own blocks about what we’re worth, and what we deserve. Subconscious feelings about not being good enough or deserving success often exist somewhere below the surface and those thoughts need to go. I’ve read countless stories about successful CEOs who have done exercises like mirror work, literally standing in front of a mirror and repeating “I love myself” in order to reach that place. (Sounds silly, but google it if you’re curious.) We’ve been told to believe in ourselves since we were kids, and it sounds trite, but it truly is the foundation for success.

〰 Honor your path. It’s not always a traditional one, and that’s okay. Pay attention to patterns or moments throughout your life where you’ve experienced what I call, that magnetic feeling. Your intuition guiding you to do something, or any true passion that calls you. I started a food blog years ago and I never could have imagined that it would lead me to be on TV, open a pop-up restaurant, start a catering business, and then launch @salthousemkt. It might not always be obvious, and their might be several twists and turns that it leads you to before getting to where you’re meant to be. Just keep following the signs, be patient, and enjoy the process.



speaking at samsung

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