15 Kitchen Organization Ideas

I, too, caught the Marie Kondo bug and have now applied it to my kitchen! I finally went through and got rid of everything that did not “spark joy” (per her KonMari method) – things that were old or expired or that I just knew I wasn’t going to use. Then, I started organizing things in containers to keep them more neat and tidy, which I’ve been loving. I also share my details on how to create an open pantry if your kitchen doesn’t have one! I love watching kitchen organization videos but they often feature huge kitchens with walk-in-pantries or mega refrigerators, which are fun to watch but just not realistic for me… so I hope this helps any of you who may have a smaller kitchen or a rental kitchen like I do.

Open Pantry

Melamine Shelves | Container Store

Shelving Support & Brackets  | Local Hardware Store

Glass Jars with Clamp Lids | World Market

Glass Jars (Large Size) | World Market

Chalkboard Labels | Amazon

Chalkboard Marker | Amazon

Storage Bins | Target

Pantry Bins | Amazon

Pot Racks | Wal-Mart


Spice Rack

DIY Spice Rack | made by a friend

Oval Glass Spice Jars | Crate & Barrel

Round Glass Spice Jars | Crate & Barrel

Chalkboard Labels | Amazon

White Spice Jars | Vintage

La Boite Spices | Salt House


Under Cabinet

Lid Organizer | Container Store

Adhesive Hook Rack | Amazon

Two-Shelf Organizer (back of cabinet) | Amazon



Junk Drawer Organizer | Container Store

Deep Drawer Lower Organizer Bins | Container Store

Deep Drawer Top Organizer | Container Store

Expandable Cutlery Organizer | Container Store


Upper Cabinets (Pantry)

Cabinet Bins | Container Store

Medium Cabinet Shelf | Container Store

Handled Spice Basket | Container Store

Divided Cabinet Organizer | Container Store

Expandable 3-Tier Spice Organizer | Container Store

Tea Organizer with Drawers | Amazon

Upper Cabinet (Plates/Glasses)

Shelves (under coffee mugs) | Amazon

Medium Cabinet Shelf | Container Store



Under Sink Organizer with Drawer | Amazon

Kitchen Wrap Organizer | Container Store


Seasoning Station

Marble Salt Cellar | Amazon

Olivewood Salt Cellar | Salt House

Glass Olive Oil Bottle | Amazon

Peugeot Pepper Mill | Amazon

Peugeot Salt Mill | Amazon

Serving Tray | Salt House

Olivewood Nesting Bowls | Salt House


Soap Containers

Amber Glass Bottles | Amazon

Chalkboard Labels | Amazon



Copper Storage Canisters | Salt House

Marble Fruit Bowl | Crate & Barrel

Marble Utensil Holder | Sur La Table


Fridge Containers | Amazon

Stackable Bins | Amazon

Fridge Binz | Container Store

Glass Food Storage Containers | Amazon

Glass Jars (for storing nuts) | Amazon

Egg Drawer | Amazon



15 Kitchen Organization Ideas

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