Self-Care Finds & Favorite Things for Fall

Fall is a time to turn inward – it’s a season to let go of what we no longer need so that we can bring in more of what inspires us and makes us feel whole. It’s a perfect time of year to luxuriate in a moment of self-care by surrounding ourselves with items that soothe us and comfort us. 

In this week’s video, I’m sharing a few of my current favorite things to help you do just that.

But remember, this is about more than just the material items… Take your self-care moment a step further and spend some time considering what you want to create in the remainder of 2019. What can you let go of in order to make more time and space for what you truly want? What creative goals and passions will you carve out time for? Let’s finish off 2019 with intention, so that we can go into the new year with the right canvas.

Here’s where to find my fall favorites

Don’t forget to watch my My Fall Creativity Ritual so you can design your own personal self-care ritual for this season of your life.



Self-Care Finds & Favorite Things for Fall

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