Updated NYC Home Tour, Plus Tips for an Evolving Home

Today’s video was brought to you by popular demand! It’s an update of my New York City (Brooklyn, to be specific) home tour, sharing everything that’s happened here over the last year.

I view home decor and design as a constantly flowing process. Our homes should grow and evolve with us over time! And like any creative process, this one comes with its fair share of mistakes, or as I like to call them, learnings.

Many people are overwhelmed when it comes to decorating their homes, and I totally get that! The truth is, it’s a huge undertaking. That’s why it’s important to take it slowly and not feel like you have to do everything at once. It doesn’t have to be “perfect.” You can add things in over time, with more care and intention, and less haste to just get it all done.

In the video, I share a few of my biggest learnings over the past year. Below are a few of the highlights!

the kitchen contact paper project

This was a big update! Last year I covered our kitchen counters and cabinets in contact paper, in what was really an experiment to see what we could do to change up the look of a rental kitchen. At the time, I wanted a brighter look as I felt like the tones were a bit on the drab side.

One of my friends who does home projects like this for a living suggested contact paper, and so I thought, why not? We ended up with a small fiasco when the original paper we ordered didn’t arrive on time for our shoot, so we had to order something else last minute as back-up. I loved the pattern itself but I’m not sure it worked in the kitchen. I think if I were to do it again, I would also cover the top border of the cabinets to create a more flush look.

As for the counters, the paper held up perfectly in areas that were not as high-traffic, but as I cook a lot, the areas I use the most frequently started to wear.

When I removed all of the paper, there was no damage at all, which was amazing! And it felt so therapeutic to rip it all off. Strangely, going through this whole process made me embrace and appreciate the look of my natural kitchen even more! I also think that the updated lights we installed made a huge impact in the overall look. It’s amazing how these little details can make such a difference.

tips & thoughts on buying large rugs

Rugs are a scary thing to purchase, aren’t they? I’m really talking about the big ones, and buying them online. You’re thinking, if I get this and it doesn’t work, how am I possibly going to return it? (This becomes an even more stressful thought when you live in New York City.)

My solution to this is to try a less expensive rug and get a feel for the size. For me, it doesn’t seem to matter how much I measure… I never really know how a rug is going to look and feel in a room until I lay it down!

We had purchased an ivory shag rug last year but I wasn’t into it. First off, the size was wrong. I knew that a 9×12 rug was recommended for a king-sized bed, but due to the odd shape of the walls in our room, I didn’t know if that would work. When Jared refused to take his shoes off and his side of the rug began to discolor, I decided to just get a new rug.

I went for the 9×12 and it worked so much better! I also love the overall look and design. Our bed is rather plain (because I just love a white bed) so having a pattern on the rug adds a lot to the room.

the patio (it doesn’t all have to happen at once)

The patio has also been a major work-in-progress! It took us a while to invest in everything we needed, to be honest. We started with a cheaper table that we had to throw out after one season and this year, we were able to invest in a better table. Remember, you have permission to do that! You can get something less expensive to serve the purpose in the interim and wait until you can invest in what you really want. The bonus is this allows you to appreciate the space so much more as it builds!



Updated NYC Home Tour, Plus Tips for an Evolving Home

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