the end of an unbelievable year

Crazy to see that my last update was after this summer! And funny enough, as I write this, I am also taking another much needed break just like I did in August. This fall was insane! So many events and dinners. I did my biggest event to-date for 125 people, a catering event for a rad company Neenah Paper that was held at The Art Director’s Club. I had another Mary-Kate event, a fundraiser for Joe Kennedy, and a couple super-fun editorial launch events for Paul Mitchell and Morgan Taylor.

But maybe the biggest update is that I got back into the pop-up game! That was a pretty major series of events between the ‘meze brunch party’ weekend and then just two weeks later, the masquerade party. I did them both at Old Bowery Station, the same venue we did ABODE at. The brunch was born out of just wanting to have some fun with the two pop-ups that were currently there, Manousheh and Blue Bottle. Manousheh makes really yummy Lebanese flatbreads and Blue Bottle coffee, so a Mediterranean-themed brunch was in order. It’s a style of food I cook often and to do it with brunch seemed unique. SUCH a fun idea! People went nuts for the shakshuka and all the delish meze toppings. I may have to bring back another round of this in the spring…

And the masquerade, also a tremendous success! This was much more out of my comfort zone as I was essentially more in the nightlife realm of things. I put together an open bar (with a great sponsor who came into play, VeeV) and did the hors d’oeuvres for what ended up being around 100 people, even though we were supposed to have only 75. Sometimes I wonder what the hell’s wrong with me that I think I can pull all of this off on my own, but low and behold, I did it. Event planner, nightlife promoter, caterer … what else do you want? 😉 My favorite part of this event was probably the “secret oyster tasting alcove” I did with the help of my friend Kevin from Blue Island Oysters. He is just THE BEST and everyone loved both the oysters and the concept. Again, will definitely be adding another event with an oyster component soon…

Check out the menus on the pop-ups + events page and photos for masquerade and brunch on Facebook. You can also stay updated on upcoming events by subscribing to this newsletter. So far I’m thinking about a singles’ event for Valentine’s Day… there may be whiskey involved… just sayin’!

I was at lunch with a friend yesterday … (okay, sidenote this is my friend Andrew who just made this film Medora that you simply MUST see … it is one of the best documentaries ever, simply) … anyway, we were talking about my year and I was talking about 2014’s goals and my aprons (!!!) and he’s like, well, if you have half as good of a year in 2014 as you did in 2013, I’d say you’ll be in good shape. And I thought about it, not for the first time but now looking back on one year exactly, like whoa. It is a lot. Like many of us, I tend to be hard on myself. It’s true that we can always be better but it’s so important to see the big picture. The life of an entrepreneur isn’t easy, it’s full of challenges, but looking back on everything I have accomplished in the past year, it’s like… okay. You did that. You bossed 2013!

Here’s to all of us, to what we accomplished this year and to what’s in store for the next… As for me, I can’t wait to share more about my aprons with you. For now, just know that I’ve got the samples in and soon you’ll be getting a sneak-peek!




the end of an unbelievable year

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  1. jamie levine says:

    So glad to hear things are great. I’m with you–bring on 2014!