We’re Back on YouTube! Life Update & More

Yes, that’s right – YouTube is finally back! I’m so happy I was able to make this happen while I was (am?) still pregnant. I’m guessing it’s this pre-labor energy rush I’ve been experiencing the past couple weeks I have to thank for that!

You might have noticed that I’ve rebranded my channel under my personal name, so you can expect more personal content moving forward. This is something I yearned to do for a while, as there was always more that I wanted to share that didn’t necessarily fall under the Salt House umbrella. For those of you who are curious about what happened to Salt House, I have ended that journey for now and will definitely be sharing more about that in the future.

While I won’t be posting on a regular weekly schedule at this point, I am happy to share that I have a few videos lined up for you in the coming weeks while I’m off in bliss land with our new baby girl. We’ll see what happens after that once things have settled! As I mentioned in the video, the main thing I’ve been focused on as of late is my personal writing column, which you can check out here. I’ve been averaging one essay a month throughout the end of my pregnancy and plan to keep that up postpartum as I’m sure I’ll crave that release. I also mentioned in the video that I’m thinking about adding an additional YouTube video per month for column subscribers but that will definitely happen once we feel settled with baby.

So lovely to be connected again and I look forward to chatting more soon!



We’re Back on YouTube! Life Update & More

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