My Favorite Fiction Books

I’ve recently started reading fiction books again. I think the last ones I read were Harry Potter books back in my early 20s, but I absolutely loved them. They just swept me up into another world.

Favorite Fiction Books - Salt House Book Club

Over the years since starting my business, I started believing that I only had time to read business books or at the very least, non-fiction – something that would make me smarter or improve my life. I’ve always been into self-help books and that preference also increased for the same reason. It was actually my fiancé, Jared, who encouraged me to get back into reading fiction. He convinced me that fiction books were just as mind-opening and thought-provoking as nonfiction in many ways. And, of course, they have so much more room to be creative, which in turn inspires my own creativity immensely.

I’ve taken to reading non-fiction before bed, as I don’t watch much TV and this really helps me to unwind and enjoy my evenings before going to sleep. I talk more about this in my morning routine video, if you’re interested.

Now, fiction books are very personal. Everyone likes different styles. I personally have been lucky that the few books I’ve stumbled upon lately have been exactly what I love. I tend to like historical fiction, because I like the idea of understanding a different time period or era, but so far I’ve only gone back as far as the 50s/60s. I love stories that take place in New York City, I think because I know the city so well and I love connecting to it in that way. I love fantasy, magic, witches, and that sort of a thing. I like being taken into another world. And lastly, in all of these books I’m finding there is at least one character or some major theme of art and/or creativity.

One thing I’d like to do in the future is revisit books I’ve read and loved in the past. Everything from classics we read in high school to Little Women.

I’m on Goodreads in case anyone wants to connect there, and I’ll be updating this list as I find more fiction books that I love. All of these books are books that I am truly obsessed with. Goodreads and Amazon can be good sources for finding new books but there’s nothing like a personal recommendation! I hope you’l find something you like here, and please do leave your own recommendations and favorites in the comments below.

the rules of magic

A family of witches growing up in New York City in the 60s. This book has all of my favorite elements: magic, New York, historical fiction. Takes you into another world, a world I never wanted to end.

fates and furies

This book tells the story of one marriage through two perspectives. I’m not usually drawn to this category but I was gifted the book and quickly fell in love with it. I like the elements of art and creativity (the husband is a playwright) and it’s one of those books that you just need someone to discuss it with.

the goldfinch

I am still reading this one and might cry when it’s over because I love it so much. An incredible tale about a boy who loses his mother in a museum bombing and then follows his journey. This also takes place in New York City, has many ties to art, and the storytelling is superb. Pulitzer Prize winner, too.



My Favorite Fiction Books

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