Get Inspired: Discover the #MuseJournal Practice

How do I stay inspired? The Inner Muse Journal!

People ask me this question all the time: How do I stay inspired? You know, especially on those days where you just can’t seem to motivate yourself. How do you stay creative?

The answer is this: My #MuseJournal. This is essentially a notebook of pure inspiration. You can think of it like a mix between a vision board, a journal, and a scrapbook.

I like to keep different journals and notebooks for different purposes. I have one sort of all-purpose, more traditional journal for daily writing, and then I like to keep this notebook particularly for inspiration and empowerment.

The inspiration piece may seem familiar enough to you. But if you’re curious about the empowerment piece, let me explain.

My Inner Muse is my highest creative self. It is a persona that I’ve designed to represent this part of me, which is especially helpful on days where I need more support.

If you can close your eyes and remember a time where you felt on top of the world… when you were in a total flow state creatively… or when you totally nailed a project or competition of some sort… imagine the feeling when you’ve got your favorite pair of shoes on, and you’re having the best hair day of your life… you’re in a state where nothing can stop you… That is your Inner Muse.

Imagine if you could bottle that energy up and tap into it on demand. Well, that’s the way I like to think of the Inner Muse as a practice. And the journal is what really sets it free, because the journal is simply a visual representation of this persona and energy state.



Get Inspired: Discover the #MuseJournal Practice

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