New to Painting? Mixed Media Tips for Beginners

I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you! I am lucky to call Renee Phillips a friend and mentor, and in this week’s video we are sharing tips for creating mixed media, using the same technique Renee taught me in the beginning of my own painting journey!

In the video, we share more about what exactly mixed media art is, which in short, is really anything! Anything you can affix to your paper or canvas, that is. Renee’s technique begins with pulling shapes from magazines. It’s different than what you’d do for a vision board, though. You create shapes from what you find in the magazines and use them to create a composition.

I love this for beginners and artists of all skill levels because it really gets you out of your head. It definitely cures any fear of a blank canvas!

And don’t miss our interview with Renee, as part of our new series, Creativity, Unplugged.



New to Painting? Mixed Media Tips for Beginners

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