How To Find Your Tribe

You guys! I’ve been blown away by your excitement in signing up for my new workshop – hundreds of you have already joined! I posted a Q&A video today over on YouTube, in which one of you asked how I am enjoying my YouTube journey so far… My answer, while a little cheesy, was that I am LOVING it because of YOU. I am so grateful for this community we’re building together and it made me think a bit deeper on the importance of connecting with a tribe of like-minded people. I definitely went through some growing pains in this area as I moved forward on my creative and spiritual path, so I wanted to share more about that with you here, as well as some tips you may find helpful if you’re craving something similar. Do your current relationships leave you feeling fulfilled, motivated, and inspired? Are you looking for more friends who are like-minded and on the same journey as you are? Friends who are creative, supportive, and who make you feel like the best version of yourself. Maybe you are looking for friends who you can share your art with, or those are on a similar spiritual path. Friends who are looking to grow, to learn, and to be their best selves with every new day.

I know the feeling.

I once hoped and prayed to have friends like this.

As we get older, we evolve and we change. Sometimes, this means we can outgrow relationships in our lives. Especially when seeking out a more spiritual, mindful path, we may start to crave new relationships with people who are on a similar journey.

My Personal Journey

I shared a little more about this in my Q&A video – for me this happened around age 30 which I’ve seen as a common thread amongst others, but of course it can happen at any point in your life as you’re evolving. For me, it went something like this… All of a sudden, I took a look around, and some of the people I was hanging around with – people who I previously had thought to be cool, successful, interesting – well, I wasn’t feeling that way anymore. I was noticing a lot of negativity in the conversations. There was also a lot of alcohol being consumed – everyone had high-stress jobs and felt the need to escape on the weekends, and then they would just repeat the same pattern over and over again. The classic “rat race” of New York City.

As I began practicing more mindfulness in my own life, I began to gravitate to others who shared a similar mindset. At first, it wasn’t easy… I definitely spent some time alone for a while, to get clear on what types of relationships I wanted in my life. Then I put the intention out there through my own thoughts and energy that I wanted to attract a different group of friends into my life. And slowly but surely, that began to happen.

This doesn’t mean that you need to let go of friendships that you’ve had for years just because those people aren’t on the same path as you are. And this is especially true for family members! Not everyone will have the same interests and beliefs as you do as you evolve here on planet Earth and that’s okay. But there may be room for some new relationships in your life, too, that will further enhance your own growth and happiness.

Join Our Community

It’s great to have friends who share similar interests IRL, but that can take time. I have been absolutely LOVING having a digital community of friends who I can connect with whenever I want. It’s a great way to make going online and spending time on social media into a more positive and fulfilling experience. As I’ve been building our private community, it’s been so awesome to see that we all have so much more in common than I ever could have imagined. Don’t forget to sign up for my upcoming creativity workshop here, where you’ll also gain access to the group!

Focus on You

Over time, as you stay rooted in your own essence and continue to develop the traits and qualities you desire, you will naturally attract like energy. “Your vibe attracts your tribe” sounds trite but it’s the truth. The more you love and accept yourself, the easier it will become to attract the right people into your life.

Set an Intention or Prayer

Get clear about the qualities you respect and value in your relationships and focus your energy on bringing people who possess them into your life. There’s no shame in praying for this daily – you can simply repeat the thought to yourself each morning before or after you meditate, or at night before you go to sleep.

Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Like I mentioned before, it’s 100% okay to hold relationships with people who aren’t on the exact same path as you are. Life wouldn’t be as fun if we were all exactly the same! But, if there are negative people in your life who bring you down, you should consider letting go of those relationships. By allowing this sort of toxic energy into your life, you’re sending a message to the universe that you’re okay with being mistreated or brought down by others.

Be Open-Minded & Courageous

Sometimes meeting new people means putting yourself out there. Yes, go up to that person in your yoga class and say hello. What do you have to lose? Sure, maybe it will be a bit awkward, but you’ll survive if it is! It is so worth the risk for a few seconds of embarrassment – you may just meet your new best friend.

Host a “Mixer”

If you have just a couple friends who are on a similar path, you may want to consider hosting a gathering where you ask each friend to invite someone from their own network. I’ve done this both formally and informally, and both have produced great results. You can try hosting a simple meal with takeout, or you can try an art night!

Networking Groups

Funny enough, I met one of my best friends, my maid of honor in fact, at a networking lunch! Again, remember to keep an open mind and keep putting yourself out there.

Take a Class

Are there any art or other creative classes offered in your area? This could be a great way to meet new friends who share your affinity for creativity. I’ve also done this with meditation and met some great people doing that.

Ask Different Questions

I’ve made it a practice to ask everyone I meet what they do for a hobby or creative interest. It’s a great way to get to know someone quickly, and so much more interesting than asking someone what they do professionally. You can also try this with your current network. You may be surprised what similar interests you already share with friends, without even knowing it. As I’ve built our private creative community, for example, it’s been so fun to discover that certain friends of mine had creative interests I didn’t even know about!

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How To Find Your Tribe

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