How To Create A Simple Bullet Journal

The time has come… I finally made my own bullet journal! This method has been around for a couple years now but in case the concept is new to you, it’s essentially a DIY or personalized planner. What’s funny is it was started by a guy in Brooklyn who took a pretty utilitarian approach, but then Pinterest and Instagram got their hands on it and, well, just see for yourself. I was overwhelmed by all of the beautiful but rather excessive decorating I was seeing out there once it got popular and so I put it off until now.

I’ve always been a planner junkie (also was a huge nerd who lived for back-to-school supplies shopping, so if that’s you, too – you’re going to *love* this process) so I’ve tried tons of planners but always found myself wishing things were set up or formatted just slightly differently. So, I finally decided to give bullet journaling a shot so that I could personalize it to my own needs. I was able to do it in a way that still feels totally simple and achievable, and I’m loving it! Check out the video and then read more on my supplies and tips below.


Supplies + Tips



After doing some research, I decided to go with this notebook I found on Amazon. I like that it is spiral-bound and also dotted instead of lined, offering more flexibility for layouts. The cream-colored pages are nice, too. Moleskin and Leuchtturm notebooks are also very popular, with Leuchtturm possibly being the better choice due to thicker (less bleeding) pages. I’ve used Leuchtturm for many journals in the past and loved them – I especially like this gold option!


I went to Michael’s and bought a variety of markers and art pens. I did this because I wanted to choose my own color palette. If you go this route, you may want to take a page from your notebook so you can test how the markers show-through. In terms of sets you can buy, I had a set of these on hand that I used, and these are another popular choice.

For my daily tasks and general writing, I also found these erasable gel roller pens on Amazon which blew my mind! They write like a gel or ballpoint pen and it is just so satisfying to erase them. Seriously, you have to try it to see what I mean.


You’ll 100% want a ruler, and more optional supplies may include washi tape (used for decorating), stencils… the options are endless – you could use stamps, stickers, even crystals to adorn your pages.

Why I Love It


This is a flexible system, so you can personalize it completely to what works for you. Depending on your mood, it can be a creative outlet when you’re feeling more artistic, and you can keep it totally simple and utilitarian otherwise.

Plus, you can change up how you format things week to week or day to day. So if one week you want to leave more space for gratitude journaling but then you find you don’t use it, you can try something different next week!


There are tons of benefits to working analog, like better retention. When you physically write something out, this sends a signal to your brain that it’s important and helps it stick. I also believe that creating something aesthetically-pleasing is going to help make your goals a reality because it’s more enjoyable.

I do use digital tools in conjunction with this, including Google Calendar to manage my schedule, and Asana for my work-related task management. That’s why you won’t see those time-consuming monthly spreads in my bullet journal. I’ve been enjoying how these tools all work together. 


I love that my bullet journal offers one place to keep track of everything I want to keep track of. I used to have a million different Google Docs and notes in my iPhone notepad, and now I can keep everything neatly organized in my bullet journal.


I like that each week, I am forced to take the time to create the following weekly spread. I’ve already been in the habit of doing a review each Friday where I plan the following week, so I’ve added this into my process.

A bullet journal can act as a life record to track progress and how you’re feeling over the course of the year. And it creates meaningful time for self-reflection and gratitude, which I find to be so helpful and important.

I hope you’ll give it a try!



How To Create A Simple Bullet Journal

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