How I Started Painting

Once upon a time, I would have thought you were crazy if you told me that one day, I would paint.

I had always dreamed of painting.

It seemed like such a beautiful, relaxing process.

But seeing as though I couldn’t draw at all, I didn’t even consider it a possibility that I could paint.

how I began

I’m not really sure where things changed, though I’ve thought a lot about it.

One day, I basically said, I’m going to try painting.

I have a few theories as to why I was able to summon the courage to try it.

For one, I had met my now fiancé, Jared. I believe that when we feel safe and happy, we have the courage to try new things. I’m not saying we should depend upon another person to make us feel this way, but the truth is, for me, Jared’s love gave me a confidence to be myself more than I ever had been before.

the everyday gateways

The other main contributor, I believe, to this was the fact that I’d already gotten my feet wet in the world of creativity with things like cooking, decorating, photography, and design. I tend to see these everyday ways of expressing ourselves as a gateway into more.

Then, once I started painting, I really saw how similar it was to these other art forms I’d been playing with. I started to see how my craving for a certain composition in a dish, or a photograph, was the same, basically, to the composition of a painting.

The desire to create.

I think we all have it. It was the same feeling I’ll get when I wake up and have an urge to bake a cake. Now, I’ll get an urge to create a painting.

I told Jared I wanted to try painting and he got me an easel and some beginner’s supplies for Christmas that year.

art is healing

Another thing I think about is that my dad, at the time, was sick with cancer. I believe art is a very healing thing so perhaps there emotions inside of me that I needed to express, and maybe words couldn’t cut it.

I watched a few YouTube videos but honestly, I just got the paints out and started doing it.

I’ve since taken a couple of art classes, and had a painting day with a talented artist friend of mine, but most of the way I’ve painted so far is very intuitive. I’ll think I want to try a certain technique I see but I always go back to just doing what’s in my heart.

I’m still learning, and there are still so many things I want to try. In fact, as I write this, I’m going to a painting workshop this weekend that I’ve very excited about.

I hope that if you’ve ever thought about it, perhaps you’ll be inspired to give it a try.



How I Started Painting

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