Reset Your Home | Cleaning Routine for New Beginnings

Today I’m sharing a simple ritual for resetting and cleansing your home, that you can use to begin a new year, season or even a new week. This is all about honoring your relationship with your home as you prepare for a fresh start or new beginning.

Our homes are a sacred space. They should be a place that soothes us, that inspires us, and makes us feel more like ourselves. You can use this ritual to honor your home and cleanse it in preparation for any new beginning in your life.

no. 1 | set the mood

The most important thing is to get yourself into the right state of mind. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, it’s all about how you frame it. Play some music that uplifts and inspires you. Pay attention to what your heart needs at the moment, whether it’s something more upbeat or something more soothing. 

no. 2 | clean + declutter

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, if you want to clear your mind, clean your room. It’s so true that physical clutter often is tied to what’s happening in our minds. Releasing this and cleaning and clearing space physically can work wonders on letting go of other attachments in your mind. In the video, I’m doing a light declutter and organizing in my home office area, I’m holding off on doing  a bigger purge because we’re doing a 5-Day Decluttering Challenge in March – sign up here!

You can add in whatever cleaning routine you have in your own home here, and do some decluttering of your own.

no. 3 | cleanse the energy

After cleaning, I like to burn a sacred herb like sage or palo santo in my home. You can check out my video on smudging to learn more about these herbs and the difference between them. Because this is a bigger refresh for a new year or new beginnings, I like to go with sage for a more thorough cleanse. As I do this, I think deeply about how grateful I am for my home and everything inside of it.

no. 4 | reflect

Now is a great time to reflect more deeply on your home as your sacred vessel as well as the new beginnings or intentions you’re honoring. You could choose to write about what you are grateful for in your home, or perhaps you’d like to consider what kind of improvements you’d like to make in your environment. Perhaps there’s something you’d like to bring into your home that can symbolize the new beginning you are honouring. For me, it’s working on this painting in my living room. Maybe you’d like to commit to a DIY project, or saving up for a key piece of furniture. 

no. 5 | plant a seed

I like to close this ritual by either purchasing fresh flowers or a plant for my home. Planting your own seeds is an even better idea! You can set an intention for your new beginning into this living thing. If you’d rather not purchase anything new, you can honor a plant that already lives with you. Tend to it by gently wiping down its leaves or even expressing your gratitude to it. 



Reset Your Home | Cleaning Routine for New Beginnings

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