My New Home Art Studio Setup

You guys know how much I feel like our environment has an impact on our lives… and my previous “art studio” environment was leaving a lot to be desired. The main issues were that it was uncomfortable to work, dark, and I had to get all of my supplies down the cabinets in order to create, which made it feel like a whole ordeal. My goal was to create a setup where I could grab a piece of paper or a canvas and play for just a few minutes if I felt like it, and that’s exactly what I’m now able to do! In this video, I’m sharing the organizers and materials I got to create a makeshift art studio right in my dining room. I hope you’re able to take away a simple tip or two to help make your own creative space at home feel a little more inspiring!

Sources // Shelving Tower | Rolling Art Cart | Desktop Organizer | Cordless Hair Dryer | Drop Cloth



My New Home Art Studio Setup

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