My Feature on Forbes, and Trusting the Timing of the Universe

Still buzzing and drenched in gratitude from my recent Forbes feature. I had no idea the impact it would create.

My phone/email/social feeds have been nonstop with messages and well-wishes, congratulations and pure LOVE. I am so grateful for all of this, to be where I am right now. To have a platform where I can communicate my mission, and for it to resonate with so many of you. But those of you who’ve been here for a while know that it’s been a journey.

This concept of TIMING is all I can think about, because everything is coming full-circle right now in a way that’s so powerful, it even scares me a bit! Yesterday we were scheduled to shoot the big “my story” video, where I go deeper into some of the more difficult times of my life and how I got here today. Well, coming off of this energy the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. After trying to do this video many times, the words finally flowed and everything about it felt RIGHT.

However, as you’ll learn in that video, it took a lot to get here. Many days spent crying on the floor, just wanting to give up. Many nights where I questioned my abilities, my path – my everything.

So much emotion over the years wanting to figure it all out and feeling so frustrated that something was holding me back.

I wish I could tell myself in those moments to relax. That NOTHING I could have done would have changed things. That so many things that were out of my control needed to happen. So much growth was on its way, I just needed to be patient and let life happen.

We hear so often that “timing is everything” and to “trust the universe” and for the first time, I more than believe it – I know its truth in my BONES. Because it’s now been proven to me.

There will be times going forward when I’ll feel scared or insecure, or when things will go wrong. I know that. But remembering this moment will get me through. I’ll remember that there IS a plan and it’s not within my power to rush it. Why waste the energy trying? I’ll know to relax into the moment, to slow down and focus on the beauty of life that exists around all of us, every day. Rain or shine.


Thank you for believing in me. I believe in you, too. 



My Feature on Forbes, and Trusting the Timing of the Universe

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