Favorite Clean Products for Beauty & Home

When we first started trying for a baby, one of the first things I did was rethink the products I was using on my body and in my home. 

In my research around improving my fertility, I learned that chemicals and toxins in so many of the products we use every day negatively impact our fertility by disrupting our hormones – and whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, this can lead to disease and other health problems.

I had already been leaning into using more natural and nontoxic products when I could, but this helped me to take it even more seriously, along with my growing desire to make choices that are sustainable and better for the environment.

I don’t consider myself to be an expert in what makes something toxic vs. nontoxic; this is more of a beginner’s guide to making the switch to what I felt were the most important product categories, using a combination of research and intuition – or what made the most sense logically to me. For instance, I wanted to prioritize products I was putting all over my body or directly onto my skin, as well as things like laundry detergent since our bodies are constantly in contact with our bedding, clothing, etc.

We should also keep in mind that products can be mislabeled: Certain words like “clean” or “natural” may be misused so you can always do your own research on specific product claims if you feel so inclined.

For me the easiest way to feel good about the products I’m choosing is by shopping at retailers or stores that I trust. One of my favorites being Grove Collaborative (who I want to thank for sponsoring this video!), which has long been my favorite place to shop for cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals. But now they’re also carrying some of my favorite beauty products, a few of which I share in the video, as well as one of my favorite baby lines, Earth Mama Organics, so they’ve become a bit of a one-stop shop. On top of all of that I love their sustainability mission – they are pledging to sell only plastic-free products on their site by 2025, which I think is incredible.

If you’ve never shopped with Grove before, click here to try them out and receive a free gift with your first purchase.

Below are all of the products I shared in the video…

Favorite Clean & Nontoxic Products

Do you have any favorite clean products or tips you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments!

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Favorite Clean Products for Beauty & Home

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