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Violet’s nursery is such a special room to me, for so many reasons. I was so happy to get to do this room from scratch, to be able to create my dream nursery for her. This room represents so much of what I want for her in life: To be surrounded by beauty and magic, coziness and comfort.

I knew immediately I wanted to do a “secret garden” theme. I loved this story as a child, and it was all I could think of living up here in our own little castle in the sky, enveloped by forest and woodlands.

Of course, I found myself drawn to all things magic – adorning the room with mushrooms, crystals, and fairies – and that is where the secret garden became an enchanted secret garden. The pink mushroom house lamp and the tea set are two of my favorite things I found for this room. The tea set is just so special, and the maker does them in all different themes and colors (a great gift for a little girl if you’re ever in need). It’s not something she’ll be able to play with for a while, but that’s why I chose to use it as a decoration for now. That was my philosophy for choosing many of her books as well.

Bunnies are another common theme throughout the room – again, no doubt inspired by our own surroundings, as there is not a day to go by where you don’t spy a bunny frolicking in the grass.

And then there were the yellow walls, which I hated at first! They were already painted this color when we moved in, and I thought for sure I’d repaint them once I got to decorating. But then as the ideas for the room started coming together, the yellow started to grow on me. I didn’t want white walls, as I knew I wanted to keep the rest of the room rather simple and neutral and I didn’t want it to be too plain, but I couldn’t settle on another color either. I thought maybe lilac, as we knew our daughter’s name would be Violet, but decided against that as I knew I’d want to buy other purple things to accent the room and I didn’t want to go overboard.

I thought of doing one wall in wallpaper, which is what everyone seems to do in nurseries these days, but something about that idea just didn’t speak to me. That’s when I got the idea to do curtains, which I wanted to do in a fun print, something green and botanical for the garden theme. I had the hardest time finding printed curtains I liked, so I asked my sister who is an incredible seamstress to make a pair using a pretty fabric I’d found. The curtains really are the piece de resistance in the room, I think because of how they’re tied it just feels more old-fashioned and fitting for the vibe I wanted. And it’s that much more special that my sister made them for us, like a little family heirloom.

In terms of the furnishings, I chose to stick with natural woods and rattans for a bohemian feel. I loved the Leanne Ford for Crate & Barrel collection, which is who did the chair, but I found the rest of the furniture a bit too modern. Instead I opted to mix in some great rattan pieces from Urban Outfitters.

As promised, here are many of the links for the products and furnishings featured in the room tour.


Wooden Dresser (similar, no longer available)

Natural Convertible Crib

Glider Chair & Ottoman

Rattan Bookshelves

Rattan Accent Table


Sage Leaf-Print Fabric

Crystal Tulip Curtain Rod

Macrame Curtain Tie-Back


Textured Area Rug

Sheepskin Baby Rug

Hanging Crystal Garland

Purple Ikat Pillow

Mushroom Toadstool Lamp

Personalized Fairy Tea Set

Bunny Mobile

Butterfly Mobile

Rattan Mushroom Basket

Vintage Hummingbird Prints

Cottage Garden Flower Print

Wire Name Sign

Bunny Blanket

Daisy Storage Bin

Pom-Pom Hamper

Peter Rabbit Book Set

Baby Gear

Nanit Baby Monitor

Hatch Changing Pad with Scale

Ivory Diaper Pail

Nursing Pillow

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Violet’s Nursery Tour | Enchanted Garden

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