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  Below is a personal essay that is typically only available to subscribers of The Column. I wanted to share this one with you as it’s very special to me. I hope you enjoy.   June 10th, 2021 Every year my husband Jared asks if I want to do something special to celebrate my dead […]

Becoming a Parent Without Your Own

“If you ask your body, is there another feeling underneath this exhaustion? Could it be grief?” my therapist asks me.  We ask my body because it knows the truth; the mind has a habit of getting in the way. “It says… Maybe,” I respond.  Something inside of me immediately wants to answer yes, if I […]

The Medicine: Work, Worthiness, and the Liminal Space

This is a personal essay detailing our move from Brooklyn to Hudson Valley, full of many twists and turns – from navigating my mother’s death to letting go of businesses to creating a new life. A pandemic tale of resilience, adaptability, and leaning into the unknown.  To gain access to this essay along with all […]

Country Life: Moving from Brooklyn to Hudson Valley

This is a personal essay sharing my journey to conception, from the decision to start trying at the beginning of the pandemic all the way to the moment I saw that positive double line on a stick. There was much to let go of, from my own expectations and the opinions of others to the […]

My Journey to Conception: Lessons in Letting Go