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June 10th, 2021 Every year my husband Jared asks if I want to do something special to celebrate my dead father’s birthday. I never know what to say, how to commemorate this day exactly. One year we got a box of ice cream sandwiches, the nostalgic brown rectangles with the vanilla filling, ate too many […]

Becoming a Parent Without Your Own

“If you ask your body, is there another feeling underneath this exhaustion? Could it be grief?” my therapist asks me.  We ask my body because it knows the truth; the mind has a habit of getting in the way. “It says… Maybe,” I respond.  Something inside of me immediately wants to answer yes, if I […]

The Medicine: Work, Worthiness, and the Liminal Space

We moved, in short, because we needed a change. Didn’t we all? It wasn’t long into the pandemic before the city had cleared out. Our building was down to us and one other tenant. If you had another place to go you were there. Somewhere with a yard, somewhere with more to offer than what […]

Country Life: Moving from Brooklyn to Hudson Valley

I thought I’d get pregnant right away. For one, I’d been pregnant before. And while that is a story for another day, I do recall the wave of relief I felt when I knew it was possible to have found myself there.  Then there were the multiple healers and seers who had confirmed this for […]

My Journey to Conception: Lessons in Letting Go