workout motivation + best equinox classes in NYC

Purple Nike
Spring is in the air, my chickens!

And you know what that means … Time to shed those winter layers and get ready for bikini season.

Truth be told, being in NYC this winter has actually upped my gym game. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I belong to a gym that has great classes. There are cheaper gyms out there – but I believe that if you love your gym, you are more likely to go. I know for a lot of people the money also helps to motivate them. I’m not gonna lie … for me, it’s all about the steam room. 🙂

Another go-to motivator is new gear. Hence the purple running kix shown above. I am so excited to run outside more often again and new kix in my favorite color are a must.

So, my 2 big motivators for twerking it out are:

  1. Cute new gear that makes you feel good
  2. A new workout you enjoy doing

Because I belong to Equinox and a lot of my girlfriends up here do as well, I thought it would be fun to create a running list of all the best classes in NYC. (And you’re all familiar with Lululemon, I’m sure, and so I can imagine you know how to take care of number one.) 😉

I’m into yoga, pilates, spin, and some cardio-ish classes. My faves at the Soho location are:

  • Mary Dana Abbott for Vinyasa Yoga (she teaches a Thursday night and Saturday morning right now) – I love yoga and I’ve been less than impressed with a lot of the classes at Equinox but this one is great
  • M. Lindsay Smith for Pilates Mat (a lot of daytime classes)
  • Aida Palau for Deep EXtreme (Saturday morning) – this is hands-down, my favorite class ever and I almost didn’t want to tell you about it because it’s already so full every week but I just can’t resist not sharing the love! This is a yoga-esque/cardio/barefoot/using your own bodyweight/free-spirited dance situation – heavy on the cardio! Sweat pours out of every inch of my body, and I am obsessed with the way I feel after. Aida also does Barre Burn, which is one of my favorite classes in general.

If you live in NYC and belong to Equinox, share your location and favorite classes below! I’m excited to venture out and try something new – and it’ll be good to know for those times when you may be in a different part of the city and able to squeeze a class in somewhere new.

And if you don’t belong to Equinox and want to share another class or other motivational tip … please do, of course!



workout motivation + best equinox classes in NYC

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  1. Amanda says:

    54th st location:DEEP EXTREME is an amazing class! Very unique but so fun. Gets your heart rate up immediately. Its like yoga, dance, and aerobics all-in-one!

    BARRE BURN is a total body workout. Its not one of those Bar classes that have become popular but it isolates the same “dance” muscles. You use different free weights and a weighted bar. You start sanding, working all your muscles, and end with abs on the floor. The class is always crowded so get there early!

  2. Sara N says:

    I do not belong to Equinox but here are two of my favorite classes in NYC…-Body Ride at Revolve Fitness (spinning)
    -Candlelight Flow at Pure Yoga. It’s a 75 minute class of hot vinyasa yoga. Great workout, but relaxing at the same time.

    Also, I just moved to the west side so one of my favorite activities is running along the West Side Highway. Great views of the water and plenty of good people watching 🙂

  3. Ally says:

    I used to belong to Equinox on 44th and Lex and loved the Kettle Bell classes, it works muscles you never even knew you had! The guy who used to teach it is Angel Alicea – it looks like he created a new class there called Toma, which sounds amazing!
    He also teaches at a few of the locations, so I would highly recommend taking him for ANYTHING! He is beyond intense and not at all bad to look at… you’re welcome ladies 😉

  4. Julie says:

    Equinox Printing House-
    Metcon3 with John Cianca. This class is tough and my face usually turns beet red within the first five minutes. There is lot’s of cardio without being all dance-y. The class changes every week and it incorporates using some weights, a step, sometimes a medicine ball. And always lot’s of push ups and burpee’s. Sometimes I don’t think I’m going to make it all the way to the end, but I do and it feels great.

    Whipped with Gregg Cook. This class is always a lot of fun. It’s a circuit class that you travel in teams to the different stations (6 I think). There is always the ropes and the rowing machines the other stations are usually different every week. Sometimes there is a viper station, a weight station, medicine ball or bags, bands, etc. Gregg always seems to show up just when you start slacking off, to give you that extra push you need. Since you travel in teams it’s a great way to meet other Equinox members.

  5. Sarah says:

    SOHO equinox:-Aida Palau’s Barre Burn (Thursdays 7pm) is amazing but it’s insanely packed. She has the same class on Saturdays at Noon. Also packed, but so worth it.
    -Sacred Strength Yoga (5-6:30 Sundays) again a very full class but she is amazing, it is a great class and can be really mentally therapeutic.
    -I love the morning yoga classes here, they are really small so you get one on one attention and it’s a nice way to start the day
    -Speedball 6:45-7:30 is fun and intense and super high energy. I couldnt walk the next day! Hard for me to make it at this time but it’s a good one.
    Saturday yoga 5-6:30 was a really good time for a class, and I like the longer, 90 minute classes.

  6. Megan says:

    Been going to Equinox for 5 years and I have the global pass, which makes it so fun to hop around! Faves:- Jill Jacobs’ Barre Burn: I swear by her routines that create long, lean muscles
    – Mary Dana Abbott’s yoga: power yoga Sunday mornings are the best (and with SAS!)
    – Jordan Mallah’s Life Aligned yoga: great yogi and also teaches about what yoga is all about (ie not just posing!)
    – Amanda Young’s Zumba: dripping sweat by the end of 45 minutes
    – Paul Liberti’s Dance Classes: thursdays on 50/b’way when all the ex- b’way swings come out; it’s so fun!

  7. Jessica says:

    I do not belong to Equinox but used to belong to Apogee Pilates & Wellness Center in Westchester. I believe they also have a studio in Chelsea. I absolutely love all the classes here and recommend them to anyone who not only loves yoga and Pilates, but loves to switch up their workouts constantly and get a real variety of class options. I am a HUGE fan of their Cardio Bootcamp, V Barre, Zumba and Indo Row classes. Each offer something different for your body but one thing with all of them, you will be sweating from beginning to end leaving the studio feeling refreshed and revived. Another plus at Apogee is they keep the group classes rather on the small side so you have more one on one time with the teacher. I recommend this place to any and all! No matter what kind of workout your looking for, just make sure to have fun with it!! 🙂

  8. Yoshi says:

    Deep Extreme is my favorite Equinox class too! I usually take it at 17th St. and 85th St. with Alicia Archer who is super feisty and cute. Aida just took over her 17th St. Mon morning class so looks like I’ll be doing it with her as well! She’s awesome too! I loooove the music they play in class- it’s a nice change from the top 40 tracks played in most classes plus it’s the type of music I party to on the weekends so feels like I’m prepping to dance hard at underground clubs instead of working out 🙂
    Other great classes: Titan Method with Omar Sandoval- dude has the biggest ass I’ve ever seen on a guy and it looks like pure muscle. I can’t stand behind him in class bc I start staring and giggling. He used to have really long curly hair and looked like a Latin Tarzan but for some reason he cut it off grr. Anyway this class is BEASTMODE. First couple times I took it I felt like I was dying. You basically have to multitask and do strength training at the same time you’re doing cardio exercises In circuits with no breaks gaah. I got in the best shape of my life taking this class in the summer.

    Cardio Sculpt with Antonio Hudson (63rd & Lex EQ): I have the most fun in this class bc the instructor is so much fun! He’s this little Latino gay guy who has so much energy and says the funniest things. Lots and lots of cardio and you get a solid strength workout too.