Astrology 2019: The Year Ahead

Astrology can be a polarizing topic. Some people swear by it, while others are extremely skeptical.

And to all the skeptics out there, I want you to know that I started out just like you. You may want to read more on my personal astrology journey below before watching this video.

And if you’re already a believer, you can dive straight in! It was a great joy to have my dear friend Ophi, who is 1/2 of the celebrity astrology duo known as the Astrotwins, over to share with us what’s in the stars for 2019. We then go through a breakdown of what each sign can expect, AND we even offer a little creative inspiration for each sign to consider trying in the new year.

I would love to hear from you in the comments your own experiences with astrology, and I’m here to answer any questions!


I’ll never forget when I was in my early 20s and working in finance when my boss at the time (who was in her 60s, very serious, very by-the-book, and very successful – the type of person I would not think to be interested in astrology) convinced me to get my charts done. Sure, I had enjoyed reading my horoscope in magazines from time to time, but I always felt they were written so loosely that they could apply to anyone.

She explained to me that many of the greatest minds in history (Galileo, Socrates, etc.) had been students of astrology and that I should consider it. She equated it to an instruction manual for a board game, saying, “wouldn’t it be crazy to attempt to play Monopoly without reading the instructions?” It’s not about seeing into the future, she elaborated, it’s about understand the rules and themes so that you can find more success in the game of life.

Yes, I thought, there are many unanswered questions in this game of life. If there’s a chance that studying the stars could help to make at least some sense of it, isn’t that worth a shot?


I went to her astrologer (Brenda Brush, in case you want to book a reading) and had her read me my birth chart. For this, you need to know the date, time, and place of your birth. An astrologer then creates a chart of exactly where all of the planets were at this specific moment in time.

I went into this meeting with Brenda as a curious skeptic. I convinced myself to go because I had a burning question and was looking for an answer. I was skeptical but I was also a little desperate, so I thought, what the heck? I was miserable at my job and didn’t know what to do about it. I wanted, no I needed, to know if this was the career path I should be on.

In short, my mind was blown during that first reading. Brenda told me everything about my life, my childhood, my personality… it was so accurate that I had no choice but to believe.

In case you’re curious what she said about my career, the answer was a hard and fast NO, this is not the right place for you – you’re going to do something much more creative with your life.

It still gives me the chills.

Only later would I find out exactly what that c-word would mean to my entire purpose and existence. And to think, at the time, I didn’t even consider myself to have a creative bone in my body…

Understanding your birth chart helps explain why the horoscopes you read in a magazine feel like they could be speaking to anyone. Well, think about it… they can! There are billions of people in our world, and only 12 signs, so those horoscopes need to be written broadly. The sun sign represents where the sun was the day you were born, explaining part of your personality, and likely a big part, which is why some or many of the traits associated with a sign will resonate with you. There are, however, many more planets and placements to make up who you are. That’s why having your chart read by an astrologer will often be much more compelling. You just have to get over the initial skepticism to get there!


I’ll have my charts read with an astrologer probably once or twice a year now. I’ve done this in the past when I’m looking to make a change. I’ve surely inquired about relationships (thank goodness asking Jared for his birth time didn’t send him running in the first few months of dating!) I’ve even consulted with my astrologer to understand the best timing for me to launch a new product or project. It’s been very helpful for me, and just like with my first birth chart reading, so much of it has made sense and proven itself in my life that there’s no room for doubt.

If any of you are looking to have your charts read, I would recommend booking a reading with Juliana McCarthy (another good friend of mine who is my current New York astrologer, though she splits time between here and LA) or Brenda Brush (located in South Florida). Both are also available by phone.




Astrology 2019: The Year Ahead

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