Writer. Dreamer. Seeker. Mystic. Artist. Mama.

I'm Sarah Ashley.

After living in New York City for nearly a decade, I’m currently exploring life in the country with my husband as we prepare to have our first child. We’re just an hour outside the city but surrounded by thousands of acres of forest, we feel worlds away. We can literally hike from our backyard! It’s been so magical, and a welcome respite after grinding in the city for so long.

For the last 5+ years, I was busy building a lifestyle brand called Salt House, which I decided to shut down in 2020. Salt House went through many iterations over the course of its life, beginning with an apron line I designed and created that morphed into an e-commerce shop for kitchen and home goods, and eventually found its focus in helping others tap into their own creativity – whether it be cooking, home decorating, painting, or art-making of any kind. 

As I evolved, Salt House had evolved. But as I sought to get more and more personal with what I was sharing, I realized I no longer wanted to fit into the box of this brand I had created.

Like so many of us, this past year has changed my life more than I could ever have imagined.

I used to have many goals that were outside myself, but now I’ve realized my true purpose: To simply be myself. 

And how it does sound so simple, we’ve heard it our whole lives! Yet it’s taken me so many years and so much work to know. Never a realized goal, but something to aspire to everyday. I believe we all share this purpose, and I can only hope that by sharing my own journey and experiences, I can play any small role in shining a light to help you step more deeply into yourself.

It’s an honor and a privilege.

All my love and light,

I don’t fit into a box. And neither do you.

Creativity was just one of the modalities that helped me heal after experiencing great loss and tragedy throughout my life. It’s always been important to me, and part of who I am, to share this journey with others – as a means to connect, to share any wisdom I’ve gleaned; to help us all, myself included, feel less alone.

Which brings us to where we are now: Welcome. This is a place for me to share all of the parts of who I am. This is where you’ll find anything from a home tour video on YouTube, to inspiration for starting a creative practice, to the story of losing my mother on my way to becoming one. A place to share the many lessons learned in love, relationships, and business; a place to explore life’s deeper mysteries, ideas, and questions; but also a place to find a great dress for pregnancy, or a really lovely cake.


art is a way of life

Creativity is my lifeline. I write, cook, I paint, I design. I believe as humans, creativity is in our DNA. Self-expression = vitality.



After nearly a decade in the big apple, we’re taking a hiatus in Hudson Valley as I prepare to give birth to our first child. Read more about it here.



Since moving to NYC, I co-founded a pop-up restaurant, started my own catering company, and then spent six years building a lifestyle brand called Salt House. 


forever homebody

My home is my sanctuary. I view home decorating and design as a form of self-expression. Both of my Brooklyn apartments were featured in publications such as Apartment Therapy and Refinery29.



I’m not shy about sharing the difficulties I’ve endured and lessons learned, from growing up surrounded by addiction to overcoming feelings of inadequacy on my self-love journey.



Everyday I take time to nurture my connection to spirit, whether it is sitting for meditation, going for a mindful walk, reading, bodywork, journaling, or ritual practice.

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Specializing in video as on-camera talent and hosting live events, I’ve worked with brands such as Four Seasons and All-Clad in categories ranging from food and drink to fashion and beauty. Areas of expertise include recipe development, workshops, home decor, creativity, and wellness.